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(h) The Director of the North Shore Parks and Recreation Department, upon application from any individual in the North Shore카지노 사이트, may require the individual to provide a complete list of all current and proposed recreational opportunities which are within the North Shore area, with an explanation of their specific character, and an agreement to pay any amount to be paid on behalf of a North Shore applicant in satisfaction of such requirement, where: (1) the Director is not satisfied with the identity of the individual; and (2) such individuals are at least 18 years of age, live within the North Shore, and own, lease or manage property within the area of their jurisdiction. Such an application shall include the individual’s name, residence address, and telephone number, and shall be made within 60 days after receipt of such notification. The director shall review the application and refuse or approve such application if it is determined by the director that such individuals have violated this division or a statute under which the application is pending. A denial of approval of an application described in division (h) of this section shall be effective for the life of the individual or a minimum of two (2) years or, for individuals aged 18 years and older, until such individual’s 30th birthday, whichever occurs earlier, whichever occurs earlier. The director shall, upon the Director’s determination that an application may not be timely filed, or if no such application has been submitted, that an application is pending, request a letter from the applicant or the applicant’s attorney, stating the reasons for any such denial. All fees collected under this division shall be deposited in the North Shore Recreation Fund and the following programs shall be available for such individuals during their first year in the service area as defined in this division and a first-year-on-the-job training program for persons aged 16 years or over or 21 years of age: (1) State of North Dakota’s High School Developmen카지노 사이트tal Service Grant program, to be administered by the North Shore High School Developmental Service Authority and administered by the North Shore Public School District in conjunction with the North Shore High School Developmental Service Grant Program of North Dakota State University at the North Shore’s headquarters in Fargo.

(2) Regional Youth Services of North Dakota grants program, to be administered by the North Shore Region Youth Services Administration in conjunction with the North Shore Regional Youth Services Authority.

(3) New Home for Women in the North Shore Grant Program Program, to be administered by the North Shore Community Association at the Nort

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